Monday, May 30, 2011

Lighnting strikes.....

On Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, my house was struck by lightning. Damage is pretty significant. I've never had to file a home insurance claim and had no idea all that is involved. My kiln was badly damaged and cannot be repaired. Some of the fire bricks were blown off, the electrical system was fried, and all of the electrical system in the house that supplied electricity to my garage (which housed my kiln) was destroyed too. All of the switches, etc. have to be replaced. I have no idea how long it takes to have all of that repaired/replaced, so I can not predict when everything will be up and running to enable me to do clayprints again. My jewelry equipment was not affected so hopefully, when some of the house issues are taken care of, I will be able to make jewelry soon.

Right now though my first priority is getting one of the air conditioning units and hot water heater replaced. I cannot believe that lightning can travel through a house like that and do so much damage, but by all reports of the professionals who have been here so far, we are EXTREMELY BLESSED that the house did not catch on fire !! We were all home and sound asleep so God must have been watching over us !!

Thanks so much for understanding !!

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